Eternal (Deluxe Edition)

by Jim Shorts

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Eternal was recorded April 2016 - July 2016
in David's bedroom.

Mixed by David Haynes
Mastered by Zach Ramsey

CD Artwork by David Haynes
Photo by Emily Jean
Cassette Artwork by Emily Jean

Released November 1, 2016
on Trash Dog Records.


released November 1, 2016

Jim Shorts is:
David Haynes



all rights reserved


Jim Shorts Frederick, Maryland

Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter David Haynes, better known as his moniker Jim Shorts, has released 41 collections of music since 2012. Based in Chattanooga, TN, Haynes has used a very strict DIY ethos to produce collections of home-recorded pop songs. He writes as if he can’t help it, providing his audience with an effortless onslaught of catchy, confessional indie rock. ... more

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Track Name: Christine
Christine, can’t you hear me now?
Christine, won’t you please come down?

We’ve been running around all around your doorway
We’ve been trying to find you for several days
Could you come out and smile for a second at least?
Could you come out and give us something sweet?

Christine, can’t you hear me now?
Pristine, you sure know how to wear us down

We’ve been running in circles for four days,
We’ve been yelling your name in a strange haze
We’ve been collecting clues and we’ll keep them
Until you sweetly return
Christine, oh please
Oh please

Funny how you left us full moons
Track Name: Omega Undone
Take two steps towards the canyon
Feel the weight of both your feet
And notice how the river
Flows fluid and discreet

Take two steps towards the mountain
Feel your stomach start to turn
Omega undone in your mind
The language starts to burn
Starts to burn

Coming out of a throat
Coming out of your throat
Track Name: Jericho's Big News Pt. II
Waiting on the magi
Throw my weight against this wall
I hear the trumpets pick up speed
And my phone’s ringing again
You call me up, you ring out strong
As the silly syllables allow
Always caught in between in my mind
And I don’t wanna leave
Well, baby let’s leave

You can plant me where you want me
I will be in the promised land
Let’s find a new patch of paradise
Come on I’ll grab your hand

I answer with a big smile
You can see it if you try
Come on, come on
Come on, come on
There’s greener grass
Right over there

Just on the edge of our vision
The walls come tumbling down
I don’t hear the trumpets
I only hear you
Only wanna hear you

You can plant me where you want me
I will be in the promised land
Let’s find a new patch of paradise
Come on I’ll grab your hand
Track Name: Empty Vessels
Soulful bodies keep on dancing around
On the bottoms of clouds
On little mystic shrouds
Soulful bodies have a knack for the steps
And I don’t think
They’ll ever forget

God let them down
Frightened ghosts, they keep on roaming around
Up to the heavens
And back down on the ground
Frightened ghosts, they have a little glow
And I think they know
That they know

God let them down

All you’ve got is yourself
All I’ve got is myself
We’ll make a circle
Invite some other selves
Yeah, now all we’ve got is ourselves.
Track Name: Junk Yard Miracles
If you were in space
A time and a place
(No one asked me anything)
If you were in heaven
United with seven
(No one believes in anything)
Counting the syllables out loud
Then retrace your steps
(Now I think I see the problem)
Track Name: Mapping Out The Kitchen Pt. II
You’re my superhero,
And one day I hope you know
As I lift the ladle
You dump the spices in so slow

You’re my superhero
I ripen in your soft glow
Don’t wanna follow the recipe
Would you help me to let go?

How does it feel
That these knives cut us in the same places?
How does it feel
To watch our tears fall down the opposite faces?
How does it feel
Now that we’re taking up all the same spaces?

You’re my superhero
Still so much that I don’t know
I love taking your mask off
Inching closer, burning slow

You’re my superhero
Across the table laughing so
So hard, I almost choke
This is what a fucking table’s for
Track Name: Transparent Clouds
Some days I just wanna live in Rust
Flip through a century of dust
Separate myself from earth at night
Live in the tiny specks of time
Come in through the backdoor sometimes
Fuck you, I don’t want to talk about my day
I swear to god that nothing happened
Just another drop in a backwards wave

Is there a space between my cells?
Is there a place that I can’t tell
Even exists?
Is that where I’m always running to?
The cloud that you see right through

Some days I just wanna keep some Secrets
Sometimes I don’t want you to know
I’m not thinking about much at all
I’m just letting my mind roam
Track Name: 21st Century Maximum Output
Explore all the possibilities
For what’s inside that box
Try to support yourself
As you flow gently into shock
I’m coming down the canyon
I’m gonna ask so many questions downtown

Open up a big old hole
Let yourself fall right in
Buddy system from now on
Feel that call from within

If you wanna know where I’m from
We’re gonna have to drink a few more
If you wanna know what I’ve become
It’s up to you to open that door

Cause I’m hauling rocks
Up to the mountain
Twenty-first century maximum output
Track Name: Xena: Worrier Princess
Track Name: Tangled Syntax
Every time it comes around
Come around and I freeze to death
To death and back again
Just like I remember when

We were alive in some way
(That’s what the experts would say?)
We were alive for something
(What the fuck is that ringing?)
There’s a problem with the drums again

Skipping stones I licked before
Before I needed rock and roll
Rolled in sound, guitars and noise
Noise of silence, noise of the soul
Track Name: Noah's New Arc
You were locking up the schoolyard after dark
Regularly scheduled summer safety walk
Scrubbing off the graffiti
You feel just a little bit guilty about it

Kick off another year so well
It’ll end up like the last
Will they love you like in the movies
Or is that just a thing of the past?
They can’t see past their toes
How will they learn to go somewhere else?

Noah, you could have done anything
But you chose to stay right here
I guess no one tells us how to be happy
They just tell us what to fear
If you had the chance to go back
I really don’t think you would
You go on and on about how life’s good
The old you would have just knocked on wood
But your new arc is always misunderstood.
Track Name: Zhuangzi And The Tiger Dream
Garnish on the front lawn
Final resting place for pride
With all this Unbiased Unity
I want to give in to myself
In the study near the bookshelf
Knocking over all your claims
I’m a baby
I am a legend
My mind is in ashes
I’m okay

Tiger kills its prey
I don’t have to live that way
It hurts a self to be a self
So dogmatic and so free

I think I’m out fishing
You can find me near the pond
You can find me
And me eternal
Talking to myself

Sage, ruler, and shaman
Living all together as one
God the father, God the son
It’s in my spirit to be someone
Track Name: Mystical Bonding
I don’t believe in much
But there are things that I can’t see
I don’t believe in much
But some days, I feel stupid and free

I can’t tell you what thoughts are real
I can’t explain what’s going on
Please just sit beside me
Help me listen to this song

I’m not gonna cry at all
I won’t say a word
I don’t need to shed tears
I don’t even want to be heard

The magic already caught me
The wonder I can’t see
And if you lean in real close
Can you feel it moving in me?

Sometimes I just don’t feel the need
To talk everything through
Sometimes I think it’s better
To do what your body tells you to
I don’t know the reason why
You put that record on
Start to dance around the room
All reasons are gone
Track Name: Perversion 3.0
I am perversion 3.0
I know more than I though I’d know by now
It’s good to surprise yourself sometimes

I am perversion 3.0
The bad times move through afterglow
Never thought I’d be back here so soon

I am perversion 3.0
Remember how I called you “silver girl”
“Bridge Over Troubled Water” still gets me every time

I am perversion 3.0
You’re my best friend
You are all I need
Patching up the scrapes on my knees

I am perversion 3.0
Maybe god still loves me after all
Problem is, there’s no way to know
And I don’t think I wanna know